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4 Reasons You Should Get A Vanity E-mail Address

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4 Reasons You Should Get A Vanity E-mail Address

To a business owner, the importance of having a unique and distinctive brand cannot be overstated. And if you own a small business or store, your brand’s distinctive personality gains even more value, as it is what cuts through the clutter and gets your target audience to pay attention to you. Every aspect of your communication plays into the creation of this brand, from logos and advertisements to little things like the email address you use.

That’s right. The email address employed in all of your official communication is an oft-overlooked part of your brand. That’s where a vanity email comes in. What is a vanity email, you ask? Well, it’s simply an email that includes the name of your business. The structure is something like this: [email protected]. It helps you build a personal brand for your business. With a vanity email address, you can increase brand awareness and look more well-established.

Here are a few reasons why you should get them.

They make your business easier to remember

With a custom email address, you become more recognizable, and your audience finds it easier to remember your address. Tens and hundreds of millions of people have email accounts with Gmail or Hotmail, meaning a vanity business email is going to automatically be more engaging as it cuts through the clutter. With a personalized email address, your business is easier to recall, and people will be able to contact you without as much trouble. After all, if they know your domain name, they know how to get in touch with you.

They build trust

As we just said, tens and hundreds of millions of people have free email accounts, because just about anyone with an internet connection can create one. This means that if email recipients receive an email from [email protected], they could be left feeling vulnerable to spammers or con artists. With free email addresses, you can’t authenticate the sender’s identity.

With a business vanity email, you come across as a professional business owner. What if the recipient got an email from [email protected] instead? They would then know that the email came from the same people who control the website, meaning all the messages they receive are official. Your audience will be more willing to engage with your company or website if you have a custom email address, as you appear more professional and trustworthy.

On a personal note, I know I, for one, usually assume that a business with a “[email protected]” address (for example) is a low-budget, unestablished company and I have to admit that, subconsciously, I will, unfortunately, second-guess doing business with that company.

They help you organize your emails

It’s easy to create different email handles for different departments, such as [email protected], or [email protected]. This gives your customers some much-needed clarity on what department will handle what kinds of email content. It serves to establish an organized system of response.

They’re reasonably priced

Compared to their benefits, the costs of setting up a personalized email address are next to nothing. Having a vanity email is an incredibly cost-effective way to build a brand for your business. Plus, setting one up is quite easy and convenient with your current domain provider.

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