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Finally, the provisions of this Act disappeared from the Fund.

Finally, the provisions of this Act disappeared from the Fund.

see also: Credit franc: Act without conversion fund, borrowers are courts »the Sejm passed a law francs. Deleted rules governing conversion loans’ “According to the inserted into the amended Act provision of Article. 6a, the termination mortgage loan both in the examination of the application for support, a promise or a loan to pay off debt and additional verification (in the cases referred to in the Act ) does not produce the effect with respect to the borrower “- informed. In August 2017, the president of parliament submitted a draft amendment of the Act of 2015 the support borrowers in difficult situations, who took out a mortgage. This is the only project on frankowiczów, which has been adopted.

Presidential project expanded operation Support Fund. He assumed, among others, fold increase income minimum enabling applications for support. According to the proposal, it would be a situation where the cost of loans more than 50 percent. income (previously it was 60 percent.). In addition, the increased height would be possible monthly support of 1.5 thousand. to 2 thousand. gold, possible support extended period of 18 to 36 months (which would give a total amount of 72 thousand. zł) and extended interest-free repayment period obtained from the Support Fund from 8 to 12 years. It would also be part of the redemption of liabilities support, especially in the situation of the regular repayment installments.

Account Support Fund will lead the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and he would perform payments. Of a refusal to support the borrower will be able to appeal to the Board of the Fund. Money from the Fund for Support to serve all borrowers, both zloty and foreign exchange. In view of the recent presidential draft introduced while another fund – Conversion Fund. He had to be created from contributions paid quarterly banks, dependent on the size of their own portfolio of loans denominated and indexed (up 0.5 per cent.

The carrying value of loans subject to restructuring). Banks, which would decide “odwalutowywać” loans referenced to foreign currencies, could – in accordance with those regulations – to count on the return difference between the loan balance before and after restructuring (conversion). Disputes about the rules relating to the Fund Conversion – he expressed strong opposition among banking sector – meant that the law was not long resolution and dealing with the subcommittee did not end her work. Finally, the provisions of this Act disappeared from the Fund. The law will come into force on 1 January 2020, with the exception of Art.

7 (this is the provision of an adjusting), which shall enter into force on the day following the day of delivery. – The present arrangements mean that some employees are not provided compensation for actual expenses they incur in connection with a foreign business trip – indicates Barbara Surdykowska Expert from the Office of the “Solidarity” .Nierówne zasadyZastrzeżenia reported by trade unionists derive from Article. 775 K. P. According to it, in the case of public sector employees amount of diet (and the limits of cash to pay for accommodation) in domestic and foreign travel is specified in the implementing rules. Regulation of 29 January 2013. (OJ No 2 pos. 5) indicates that the daily diet in the national delegation is 30 zł, and the amount of the entitlement in foreign travel depends on the state to which the employee is sent (eg. France is 50 euros, and in the UK – 35 pounds). In the case of workers employed outside the sphere of budgetary amount of such benefits shall be determined in the collective agreement, the rules of remuneration or employment contract (if the company does not apply the rules or system). The provisions of these acts of internal company (or contracts) can not, however, provide a diet lower than that provided for by the Regulation for domestic travel (both national delegation and foreign).

Thus, a worker employed outside the sphere of the budget in accordance with the law can receive 30 zł per day delegation not only in Poland, but also eg. In Switzerland, Sweden and Niemczech.- amount is too low. Subsistence expenses eg. In Western European countries are higher – it indicates Barbara Surdykowska.Takie solution means a significant variation in the situation of workers depending on whether they are employed in the public sector or not. For the first day of stay in France will be entitled to an allowance of maximum 221.5 zł (50 euros), and the latter can receive only 30 zł (less than 7 euros). These disparities are even greater for countries with a higher cost of living.

The day stay in Switzerland with public sector employee receives nearly twelve times higher than the diet employed outside (352 zł to 30 zł) .See also: Delegation of employees: Polish Chamber stamp duty will not enforce penalties on foreign inspection »Pole on a business trip: Diet ? 30 zł a day “- The change in these laws can talk, but comprehensively, bearing in mind the cost estimate, which will increase the employers’ side. It should also be pointed out that if some solution can be worked out in a dialogue at the level of companies, including collective agreements, there is no need for a generally applicable regulation – explains dr. Monika Gładoch, legal counsel, law firm M. Gładoch Experts Labor Law, an expert Employers RP.Na last meeting of the team. RDS professor of labor law. Jacek Męcina, chairman of this body (Lewiatan Confederation), proposed to be carried out on the wider dialog.- It seems that we should gather together with the team. Budget, salaries and social benefits. Changes in this area relate not only issues of labor law – and wskazywał.Delegowani kierowcyW range of payment for business travel associations also call for changing the rules on posted workers and kierowców.- In the former case it comes to clarifying the benefits that such persons are entitled.

Posting is permanent, lasts much longer than a business trip – explains Barbara Surdykowska.Podkreśla that although currently the employer shall bear the costs related to housing and transit of such persons, it is not clear who is to finance, for example. Momentary return to their home (eg when . visit family after several months of work abroad) .See also: official may refuse to work overtime “for how rest can count employee returning from the delegation» – the idea is to develop some standards posting – expert adds “Solidarity” .With the other hand, in the case of unions depends on the drivers off the professional group from the provisions on a business trip and a separate determination of benefits for them (taking into account the specifics of their work). In practice their profession associated with being constantly on the go (this work this is) .- Such a solution, however, would mean a breakthrough in the concept of a business trip. In my view, the issue-specific working conditions of drivers should simply be included in the remuneration. You do not need to create another, separate benefits – says dr.

Monika Gładoch. Featured Product: Contract Term >>>

We will have another meeting of the EU Council. Agriculture on Monday and will be presented and proposed further measures to help our farmers in different ways, available tools, and as part of these funds, which I have here – said in an interview with PAP Hogan. The main points ministers meeting Monday in Brussels will be difficulties in the different agricultural sectors, including pork, dairy and fruit and vegetable. The debate is to allow assess whether the current market support measures are appropriate and effective, and if you need additional resources. “I am aware that in the sectors of dairy products and pork are experiencing serious difficulties that persist for some time. I introduced a package of additional measures worth 500 million euros in September last year, and only 10 of the 28 Member States have used 420 million (euros) aimed at this means “- said Hogan. “Farmers need the money, need support and I hope that Member States do the work and pay out the money sooner than later, have a (time) to the end of June to do it, but the sooner the better” – he added. See also: President of ARMA: The payment of direct subsidies and EU money for farmers is a priority »The government adopted a Decree on. working capital loans to farmers” Asked if among these 10 countries, which used the funds is Polish, said he does not know, but that Polish Minister informed him that “the payments are made or in progress.” The idea initiated in September 2015 a package of solidarity for farmers, worth 500 million euros, relating to, among others, private storage of cheese, milk powder and pork.

Under this package, the member states were granted 420 million euros to help. The Commissioner also drew attention to other measures. “We gave more flexibility for member states in the rural development program, to be able to carry (support) from one product to another quite quickly to provide some support sectors of dairy products and pork. We introduced the program (subsidies) private storage of pork and dairy products, which collects 200 thousand. tonnes of these products from the market “- he said. The Commissioner also signaled the possibility of further aid for private storage of pork. “I’m just following the introduction of its second since I became Commissioner, the aid for private storage of pork, worth 27 million euros. Poland withdrew 7,000 tons of pork from the market under this program, completed it in mid-February 2016. But I’m going to monitor the market, because I realize that pork prices do not rise too much in this respect and examine the need for – if necessary – the next program in 2016. ” – noted Hogan. He stressed that all these measures will ultimately have the effect, but due to the continuing Russian embargo have to look for new market opportunities. “We lost 5.2 billion in exports in 2014 and 2015 year due to the closure of these profitable markets, especially for Polish manufacturers.

President (European Commission, Jean-Claude) Juncker is trying to engage in talks with the Russians, but we have not received odwzajemnionych arrangements ws. Talks. We look so third markets, especially in the Far East, with additional means of promotion for Polish companies to chose with me on trade missions: next month to China and Japan, and later in the year to Vietnam and Indonesia, to try to replace those markets (Russian), “- said the Commissioner. The Commissioner met Thursday in Warsaw with the Law and Justice deputy minister of agriculture, agricultural organizations and parliamentarians. The situation on the markets for milk and pork was the main topic of conversation with the head of MARD Hogan.

Poland has already provided the European Commission their ideas for intervention. In total, the Commission received about a hundred proposals from all EU countries. On Friday support for pork producers appealed the PiS MEPs. During the debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg they stressed that the situation of Polish farmers is particularly difficult due to African swine fever, the Russian embargo, as well as the European agricultural policy. The principle of coordination of social security systems in the Community does not mean that survivors and disability are determined in the same way. All national systems can, however, distinguish two types of benefits.

In many countries, invalidity pensions are calculated in the same way as pensions. This means that its amount depends on the length of the insurance period. In this case, the grant does not depend on whether the person concerned was actually insured at the time of disability. In other countries, the amount of pension is independent of the length of periods of insurance. Permissions to her however, depend on actual insurance at the time of disability. Importantly, the person applying for such a benefit does not lose it if you changed the place of residence. Institution of the State in which there is a request for a pension, account for periods of insurance completed under the legislation of all other Member States.

Moreover, a person with the right to such benefit will be paid to you regardless of whether you reside or stay in the territory of a Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Szwajcarii.zobacz also can be deposited on retirement in Europe »Support in different krajachWe France to get the right to an invalidity pension, the person concerned must prove that he has the required contribution period and the number of hours worked (before going on sick leave). In Spain, the right to such forms of support are submitted to the insurance people, who do not have the right to a pension. In the Netherlands on this provision can be applied only after a year of incapacity to work. More information can be found on the website MISSOC. Of course, on the wallpaper they are primarily social issues, media loudly.

And as if by magic the money for increases for nurses, single supplement for retirees and reduce the retirement age, before – before the presidential election – is taken care of working parents and futures contracts. Not forgotten the regulation of the profession of psychologist, entrepreneurial mothers, etc. As you can see – something for everyone. I’m tired of the ongoing election for a long time dumping, ideas. The more so because some of them have no chance of implementation, as politicians know well. If you work on the project will not be completed before the end of term of the Sejm, according to the principle of discontinuation will go to the trash.

And that happens to a bill lowering the retirement age. The same fate assumptions to the laws governing the work of psychologists. So what they reported? Both of these proposals – first reported by the president of Duda, the other by the Ministry of Labor – is primarily a normal part of the election game, not a sincere attempt to solve the problem. Gallery: 5 changes in employment contracts that await us in 2015. I also have doubts about the quality of recently submitted draft.

Because even working time without the whip, our politicians are able to regale us legislative gniotami. Unfortunately, the limits of common sense does not seem to exist. Now they count fast ad hoc solutions, and a revival will come only after the election. See also: Bubel retirement presidential officials. Turned out to be messy »Justice found the idea of ​​a higher retirement: State enterprises to be thrown seniors» Architect pension reform Buzek: Do not let us believe politicians. And so we will work more » Changes include the result of the Act of 24 October 2012. amending the Law on PIT (OJ item.

1278). As for the restriction in the use of 50 per cent. deductible expenses, among others, for authors. Starting this year, they can not exceed half of the amount representing the upper limit of the first compartment of the tax scale. In 2013,. So they can be up to 42 764 zł.

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